Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best.”

What a fantastic quote by Frank Lloyd Wright.  What It Takes is highlighting this in all aspects. I have met countless artists who have the talent, but the passion just wasn’t there. To be honest, I think passion and practice mesh together, just from my experiences. Typically I have found that when certain artists are passionate about what they do, they practice all the time…and I use the word “practice” lightly. Most of us don’t feel like it’s “practice” so to speak, we just truly enjoy what we do so we naturally push ourselves to do more.

When someone is passionate, they practice. When they practice, there’s talent. Where there’s passion, there’s talent. It all almost just goes around in a continuous circle. Like I said before, I have come by many artists who don’t really have that passion; that drive that pushes them to their highest limits. It’s unfortunate to come by. I’ve met people who show up  20-30 min or more late 5 days in a row, artists who gossip like its their job, someone who always say they want to do huge things and turn down a big job to go to Burning-man. I’ll never understand it ha! Maybe it’s because I’m a workaholic…

​Bottom line: Be passionate! Anyone can see a person who is ambitious and passionate a mile away! I know this documentary is targeted towards hair and makeup artists, but this goes for any profession…or life experience in general. Find what you’re passionate about and let it free! (oh gosh have I turned into a hippie now that I have been in LA for 5 years?… nah.)


Amber Talarico

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