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All of you ladies and gentlemen out there who are considering this career, please do not take this photo lightly. I am probably on that second loop that you see up there; just coming off of the backwards loop, dipping down and getting ready to hike back up the even BIGGER loop. This isn’t to discourage anyone by ANY means. I think this photo is probably accurate for nearly every creative job there is out there. Someone actually told me a few years ago that freelancing as a hair/makeup artist is by far the hardest career to sustain and only 3% actually stay freelance. That’s pretty crazy.

If there were a poster for this film…This would be it! It’s only missing one thing. Me on the left side, all happy and joyful. And then me on the right in real-life…Crying because I can’t pay my bills…

The next time you see a major hair/makeup artist in TV, a movie, or in a big magazine…Remember this photo. Every artist has their own personalized roller-coaster.


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